Soundcloud vs Mixcloud, uppdatering


En snabb uppdatering angående skillnaden i spridning av mina mixar. Jag skrev ju tidigare om skillnaden på Soundcloud och Mixcloud.

Soundcloud har jag på tio dagar fått 51 spelningar och 3 hjärtan.

Mixcloud har jag på två veckor fått 9 spelningar.

Väldigt blygsamt, men det finns ju en lång svans här också.

För att ytterligare spä på till Soundclouds fördel så har de helt och hållet gått över till HTML5-widgets som standard. Strålande!

Nu finns dessutom Fredagsmixen på iTunes som podcast.

2 svar på “Soundcloud vs Mixcloud, uppdatering”

  1. Hi Henrik, my name’s Irakli, and I’m a Hyper Island student in Manchester, doing a research on MixCloud. I really enjoyed your first article on this topic and I have 2 questions, if you don’t mind answering them:

    1. Do you still think that soundcloud is better not only in terms of number of listens, but in general?
    2. What exactly do you think MixCloud should improve in its interface?

  2. Hi!

    1. Yes, since nothing has really changed at either service, apart from some design stuff, I still prefer Soundcloud. Maybe a little more now that they have upgraded the pro account to no limit in uploads. On the other hand, the rather strict copyright rules that forbid even the copyright holders to upload their own music, might ruin Soundcloud for djs. And if the djs aren’t there…

    2. They need to focus more on the music and less on the graphics. They need to find a way to more easily navigate. I still have to search for my fave people and when I do, the result doesn’t sort by date. Really confusing.

    I also think they need to really integrate it with Facebook, into Facebooks social graph. Not sure how, exactly, but soundclouds connection is way better. Mixcloud just racks up the application requests, and it’s not spreading the sounds as much as it should do.

    I hope that’ll do? Let me know if you want more. :)


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