Tydligen vill hundratusentals människor flytta till Mars


En liten TT-notis i DN idag förkunnar att hundratusentals vill flytta till Mars. 

Ok. Det är inte någon bra idé. Tittar inte folk på Doctor Who? Här är ett utdrag ur synopsis för avsnittet Waters of Mars:

In the bio-dome, they find the two crew members: they have become infected by a water-borne virus that causes their bodies to generate copious amounts of water.

The virus is intelligent; it attempts to infect the others through the already-affected crew. One of the infected people is put into quarantine; Adelaide and the Doctor return to central control and the base is sealed. Studying the infected crewmember, the Doctor and Adelaide learn that the virus desires to go to the water-rich Earth, an event they must not allow to happen.

While inspecting the glacier that is the source of the base’s water, the Doctor surmises that the virus was trapped there eons ago by the Ice Warriors.



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